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24 Sony HDC-1500 & HDC-1000 cameras Up to 6 Digital Radio Cameras including Gigawave D-Cams and Link-XP.
2x HDC 3300 Supermotion Channels



A wide variety of lenses are available: 11:1 wide angle, 15:1, 21:1, 33:1, 62:1, 70:1, 72:1, 76:1, 101:1.


Trinix HD Router 288 x 576 Apex AES digital router 160 x 160 Abekas Clipstore for flying keys Seating for 7 Vision Engineers and Engineering Manager Harris Embedders allowing 8 channels of Audio to be embedded on each outgoing TX line. 5x Up/Down Converters

Vision Mixer

Sony MVS 8000G with 80 inputs and 48 outputs, 4 M/E’s, 2 channel internal DVE, 8 Frame memories, Re-sizer’s on all keys


Ample Desk and Rack space allow for easy integration of a variety of sources including Aston Red, Ethos, Advantage, Aston7 and VizRt


Sony 24” LMD Monitors with Zandar QS100 Quad Splits. (61 HD/SD switchable individual displays with UMD & Tally Information


Clearcom Eclipse Omega 112 Talkback Matrix, 26 display panels & external display panels, 4 CU Duplex Radio Talkback. Tel14 TBu’s, SystemBase and Telos ISDN Codecs.


Up to 8 x 6 Channel XT2 EVS
Up to 12 SR/HDCAM Decks
Up to 12 DIGI BETA Decks
6 DVD Recorders & Duplicator
Apple FCP & EVS I/O Optional



Studer Vista 8
Surround Sound monitoring in sound room
3x Dolby E Encoders
3x Dolby Digital Encoders
2x Dolby Digital E Decoders
D-21 Remote Boxes
Selection of out board reverb / delay units
Choice of Glensound and Prospect commentary units, with full on board monitoring


Length 16.8 metres Height 3.9 metres Width 4.2 metres

Power Requirements

1 x 125A 3 phase (Uses less than 63 Amps)
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